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34 location:United States, age:13 - 35, language:English (US), placements:Instagram Feed, people_who_match:interests:Conservatism, people_who_match:interests:Veterans Day, people_who_match:interests:Tea Party Patriots, people_who_match:interests:Veterans, people_who_match:interests:Republican Party (United States), people_who_match:interests:Supporting Our Veterans 0 0 https://www.instagram.Com/veterans_us/ A Wounded Warrior and his service dog. Support our Veterans - Follow! Black America ( @black Instalol 0.0 0.00 USD 2016-05-12T02:31:30-07:00  
35 location:United States, age:13 - 35, language:English (US), placements:Instagram Feed, people_who_match:interests:Military, people_who_match:interests:Veterans, people_who_match:interests:Politics 0 0 https://www.instagram.Com/veterahs_us/ There are some people who will always support you! And unfortunately, the VA is not on the list. There are numerous examples of disgusting treatment of our Veterans by the VA employees. And there is little Chance the situation will Change in the near future. The failure of the Defense Department and VA to create a joint electronic health record, despite spending $1 billion for development is just another example of it. Click Learn More! Veterans USA ( @veterans GovSpending 0.0 0.00 USD 2016-01-14T06:25:20-08:00  
1876 location_living_in:United States, age:13 - 35, language:English (US), placements:lnstagram Feed, people_who_match:interests:Confederate Flag, people_who_match:interests:Republicans 12500 29 https://www.instagram.com/south_united/ Hey what's up buds! Let's continue to preserve our history from substitution. It is well-known how libtards are eager to blame our forefathers for being racist. Yet they always forget to underpin their empty words with facts. Not like all these SJWs, let's refer to racial discrimination in the army of Union. A black soldier was paid $10 a month with a $3 clothing fee taken out, while a white soldier was paid $13 a month but was not forced to pay a clothing allowance. Almost a twofold difference! How tolerant tho! And what was going on in the "racist" Confederate States Army? Every soldier was paid $11/month until 1864 regardless of his skin color. Click to Learn More! #southunited South United ( @south Yoyoyoyoyo 32.14304 2008.94 RUB 2016-01-15T01:14:22-08:00  
31 location:United States, age:13 - 35, language:English (UK), language:English (US), placements:Instagram Feed, people_who_match:interests:Afro—American religion, people_who_match:interests:Malcolm X 23670 235 https://www.instagram.com/black_america_today/ Quiz from EBONY magazine April 1952. Which is Negro? Which is White? Passing for white is a direct consequence of how race works in America. Because of the One Drop Rule if you look at all part black African you are seen as “black” by “whites” and suffer all the racism that goes with that. Click "Learn More" Black America ( @black Blacklivessss 64.64272 4040.17 RUB 2016-03-11T04:54:05-08:00  
1686 location:United States, age:13 - 35, language:English (UK), language:English (US), placements:Instagram Feed, people_who_match:interests:United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, people_who_match:interests:Fascism 9836 53 https://www.instagram.Com/Cop_block_us/ Back when I studied the #Holocaust in school, I remember thinking, "How did Hitler get over 6 million people to follow along blindly and not fight back?" Then I realised, I'm watching my fellow #Americans take the same path. Be among those who fight for their rights and freedom in this #policestate! Click to Learn More! Cop Block Us AmericanCops 68.0752 4254.70 RUB 2016-03-11T06:07:11-08:00  
1809 location:united_states:San Francisco (+40 km) California, age:13 - 35, language:English (UK), language:English (US), placements:Instagram Feed 31506 149 https://www.instagram.Com/Cop_block_us/ 10 years later. No Changes! Hundreds of Americans have held demonstrations in San Francisco to protest police fatal shooting of #MarioWoods last month. Click to Learn More Cop Block Us AmericanCops 110.652 6915.75 RUB 2016-03-11T05:53:42-08:00  

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CREATE VIEW display_ads AS 
        select ads.id,
            case when image is not null then
                json_object("img_src", "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/edsu/irads/03fb4b/site/" || image, "width", 200)
                "no image"
            end as img,
                    "label", targets.name,
                    "href", "/russian-ads/display_ads?_target="
                        || urllib_quote_plus(targets.id)
            ) as targeting,
            ads.impressions, ads.clicks, ads.url, ads.text,
                when ads.spend_currency == "RUB" then ads.spend_amount * 0.016
                else ads.spend_amount
            end as float) as spend_usd,
            ads.spend_amount, ads.spend_currency,
            ads.created, ads.ended
        from ads
            join ad_targets on ads.id = ad_targets.ad_id
            join targets on ad_targets.target_id = targets.id
        group by ads.id
        order by ads.id
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